V-Strom Owners Map Project

I've started a new project which is turning out to be much more successful than I had hoped. It's called the V-Strom Owners Map Project and it's located at http://www.beens.org/v-strom/. [direct link to map]

Basically, anyone that owns a V-Strom sends me their location (city is okay, postal/zip code is better) and I plot it on a map. To assure everyone's privacy, I have a strict policy where I state that I will never release any personal information that has been disclosed to me to anyone.

The problem is, some V-Strom owners want to be able to use the map to hook up with other V-Strom owners. (Actually, this isn't a problem, this is great!)

So, here's my solution. If you are willing to share your personal information (anything you want: name, address, phone #, email address, anything...), then add a comment to this blog entry, with the number that you are on the map.

Thank you to everyone for the kind feedback for this project, and I hope the blog part of this project is just as popular as the map itself.

Peter in Niagara Falls
'05 DL650
~ o%o...

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