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Thunderbird 1.0 Email Client

If you have not had a chance to check out Mozilla's Thunderbird email client, I highly recommend you do. I had been plodding along using Outlook Express for many years, and immediately made the switch to Thunderbird after checking it out. Download it from here , or check out its features here . [Update] An excellent user's guide is available at the University of Waterloo Computer Science website .

Beens Blog RSS Feed

I have added an RSS News Feed to this blog. The address is .

Transparent Electronics?

Major advance made in transparent electronics. Read more here .

Is Your Son a Computer Hacker?

Here's a hilarious article about determining if your son is a "hacker". I especially like the part about the "Lunix" operating system, supposedly written by Soviet hacker during the cold war(!).

Net Snippets has Free Version

Net Snippets has become one of my favourite programs since I discovered it, and I see that they now have a free version. If you're interested in giving it a spin for your Internet-based research, visit .

Don't Use Google Desktop In Enterprise

I love Google's new Desktop search engine , but there are warnings about security in this and similar products. Read more here .

Google leads charge toward digital library

Imagine being able to read ALL books online. That is is Google's plan and they are starting with this .

Marine's Family Gets E-Mail Dispute Help

Should family members get access to dead relatives email accounts? A marine's family in Michigan is trying. Read more here .