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Microsoft to Introduce PDF competitor 'Metro'

On slashdot -- "RustNeverSleeps writes "Computerworld reports that Microsoft will be including a new document format called 'Metro' with Longhorn. Apparently, Metro is intended to be a competitor to Adobe's PDF and Postscript formats. The format will be open and available for royalty-free licensing, and will be based on XML. Can we expect Microsoft to do this right? If they do, I think it could be a good thing." Reader gsfprez is less optimistic: "... I noticed the main, and probably most important difference between old and busted PDF and new-hotness Metro (besides the Queer Eye styled name)... 'We will offer products based on this next generation RIP technology and make them available under license to printer manufacturers and software integrators worldwide.' Yes, I can see it now - entire industries undoing their time-tested, battle hardend PDF-based workflows with free and open files all

Adobe to buy Macromedia in $3.4B deal

Combining two of the largest makers of software for creating and delivering digital content, Adobe Systems Inc. said Monday it will acquire Macromedia Inc. in an all-stock transaction valued at approximately $3.4 billion.

1/2 a Million Sony PSP's Sold in Two Days!

Sony Corp. said it sold more than 500,000 units of the PlayStation Portable in its first two days on the North American market. Read more here .

Google Does Maps!

Google today announced the integration of its Keyhole digital mapping service with the popular Google Maps service ( ). Clicking the new Satellite link will convert your map into an aerial satellite view. Depending on your location, you may not get rooftop-level detail -- if satellite imagery is not available the software will suggest that you zoom out. Read more here .

Europe Bans Macs!

The European Union has revealed it is to ban the sale and use of Apple Macintosh computers by 2006 - citing "the need for unification" in a directive unveiled today.