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Guess what just turned 34?

It's difficult to pin down the exact origin of email, but in October 1971 , an engineer named Ray Tomlinson chose the '@' symbol for email addresses and wrote software to send the first network email .   Read more at .

More colleges offer video game courses

More and more, video game-related courses are being offered in colleges around the U.S. in response to the digital media industry's appetite for skilled workers and the tastes of a new generation of students raised on Game Boy and Xbox.   From

Google Debuts Feed Reader

Google on Friday released a feed aggregator, one of the missing elements of its information portal, in a move that allows Net users to subscribe to web sites and news sources. Read more at .

Yahoo Unveils Podcast Search

Yahoo has debuted a Yahoo Podcasts service that leverages the portal's search engine to enable users to locate and subscribe to audio content that they can download to their Apple iPods and other portable MP3 players. Read more at .

World's First IP-Addressible Loudspeakers

Polk Audio LCi-IP Ultra High Performance In-Wall/ In-Ceiling Loudspeakers are the world's first active Internet Protocol-ready Loudspeakers. They were created for IP networked systems such as the ground-breaking NetStreams DigiLinx system but also provide vast convenience and performance benefits when used in analog systems.   Read more at .

HD DVD vs. Blu-ray -- Who's Gonna Win?

"Microsoft and Intel last week tried to swing the computing, consumer electronics and entertainment industry toward HD DVD in a format war to establish a higher-capacity successor to today's DVD."   CNet has an some FAQs surrounding this controversy. Read more at .