My First Ride on my New Toy!

Got my new Suzuki DL650 V-Strom today (Saturday). It was only about 6 degrees C outside and windy, but had to take it out for a drive. What an amazing bike! I've upgraded from a Honda 80 Aero scooter to this... quite the step up!  It took a few laps around the block to get used to the balance, the shifting, and the brakes, and then I was off!  This bike has all the power I will ever need, and perfect handling.
I hear it's going up to 9 degrees tomorrow...


Anonymous said…
Nice bike Mr Beens =o.. but me and kara think it would have looked better in red :)
Anonymous said…
All the power you need?That's what I thought when I bought my ZX 9 .Lot's of power till you get used to it.How much for a 1000cc version?Let's try gettin that front wheel in the air ,HA HA. BRO.
Anonymous said…
"This bike has all the power I will ever need"

..But not all you'll ever want.. Got a new DL1000 on 1/13/06 and I'm lovong it.
Anonymous said…
I know how it feels to get a bike at the end of the riding season. I got my '05 DL650 Oct. 05, and got a great deal, but as of today, I only have 2200 miles on it. I know you'll have lots of fun once the weather warms up.

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