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Spelling is NOT Important!

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V-Strom Owners Map Project

I've started a new project which is turning out to be much more successful than I had hoped. It's called the V-Strom Owners Map Project and it's located at[direct link to map]

Basically, anyone that owns a V-Strom sends me their location (city is okay, postal/zip code is better) and I plot it on a map. To assure everyone's privacy, I have a strict policy where I state that I will never release any personal information that has been disclosed to me to anyone.

The problem is, some V-Strom owners want to be able to use the map to hook up with other V-Strom owners. (Actually, this isn't a problem, this is great!)

So, here's my solution. If you are willing to share your personal information (anything you want: name, address, phone #, email address, anything...), then add a comment to this blog entry, with the number that you are on the map.

Thank you to everyone for the kind feedback for this project, and I hope the blog part of this proj…

Green Plants Contribute to Global Warming!

Evil plants! "Grasses and other green growth may produce 10 to 30 percent of Earth's annual methane output, a new study reports, making plants a surprising—and potentially significant—contributor to global warming." Read the rest of the article at