Firefox 2 Transition

Firefox 2 is supposed to be released today (October 25). I thought I would create this document to report any problems I have with the transition.

I installed Firefox 2 into a different folder on my home computer. It still pulled in all the extensions, and told me that my RoboForm extension was not compatible. All other extensions seemed to work.

I googled "RoboForm Firefox" and quickly found an updated extension. Within 2 minutes I was working again.

On my next installation, I'll go ahead and do the installation to the default folder and overwrite Firefox 1.5.

Update: On my next computer, I went ahead and installed it over top of the old version. Other than the RoboForm problem mentioned above, there were no troubles.

I'd strongly recommend everyone give FireFox 2 a try.

Update: I've now read that Firefox handles Ajax sites like Gmail and Writely (Google Documents) faster than Internet Explorer. Since my students spend so much time at these sites doing and submitting their assignments, I think I'll install it in my lab computers.


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