Don't Buy From Ray James Appliances...

A friend of mine bought a dishwasher from Ray James Appliances in Niagara Falls. It was dented. Ordered a replacement. It arrived, also dented (with a forklift!). Ordered a replacement. The wrong one arrived, and the owner and the salesman condescendingly tried to convince my friend that it was the same one she bought, even though the one she bought was a higher end model with buttons ($100 upgrade) and the one that arrived had a dial (they are either idiots or swindlers). They later delivered the correct one. It leaked. It was then fixed, supposedly. (The repair guy told her he found a loose fitting, but told the owner that there was nothing wrong.) It leaked again a few days later.

I have called the store on behalf of my friend, as she is too upset about the whole episode to deal with them directly. The owner, Alec, refused to give her a refund. The only way he will give her a refund is to get the service guy to come back to her house and have her run the dishwasher and actually see the leak. They have to put her through more grief and waste more of her valuable time.

Don't they understand that they should be taking much better care of their customers? Between my friend and her family, they have probably spend 10's of thousands of dollars at this store, and now they have upset her so much that she will most likely never spend another cent at that store. In fact, I would guess that her entire family and many of their friends will never shop there again.

I know I won't.

Caveat emptor...

Update: My friend went into the store demanding an immediate refund. The owner relented, but told her that his deliveries take priority and that he would not be able to pick up the dishwasher for 4-6 days, after which he will give her the refund.

Doesn't he get it? Doesn't he know the statistics about dissatisfied customers and the number of people they tell? (9, according to this site)

The owner should have tried to resolve this problem much earlier. Unfortunately, he has now lost a lot of potential business. (I just learned that one family member is looking for a fridge, and he would have made another sale if this incident had not happened. And I will be in the market for a stove within the next six months and a dishwasher within the next year, but it won't be from these guys!)


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