Light Emitting Capacitors

We all know about Light Emitting Diodes, but now we have Light Emitting Capacitors!

Light emitting capacitor, or LEC, is a term used by CeeLite, a manufacturer of flat panel lighting products. LECs are derived from and similar to electroluminescent panels. The company has put considerable effort into improving electroluminescent (EL) technology, and has come up with this new term to differentiate the improved technology from prior, presumably inferior, EL products. It is not clear if the term is trademarked or otherwise considered private intellectual property.

LECs work in largely the same way as conventional capacitors, except that the dielectric between the outside contacts is a chemical that gives off photons when the capacitor is charged. While this is not very useful for containing large amounts of power, other uses are possible. By making the contacts of the element transparent and leaving the capacitor with a very large surface area, (as opposed to compacting it through rolling) a reliable light source can be created.


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