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Corel Releases WordPerfect Lightning (free)

Corel has released a free online/offline word processor called WordPerfect Lightning. It comes with 200 MB of free online storage space and allows online collaboration similar to Google Docs.
Learn more here.
A quick demo video is available here.
Download it here.
News articles are here.Unfortunately, no Mac or Linux versions yet.

Perhaps this is the software Google needs to buy to make their Google Docs work offline. Let's hope... (Or a better idea -- wouldn't it be great if Google bought Corel? That would be perfect. [pardon the pun])

Who Hasn't Heard of Niagara Falls?

So, I was talking on the phone to a Customer Service rep at Sandisk in California (my new 4 GB thumb drive died) and I told her my address. She asked me to spell "Niagara Falls". (!!!) I asked her if she had ever even heard of Niagara Falls. She told me "No". "You've never heard of the Honeymoon Capital of the World?". "No", she answered.Am I so conceited to think that most people in the educated world should have at least heard of Niagara Falls? What kind of a hole do these people live in?