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Corel Releases WordPerfect Lightning (free)

Corel has released a free online/offline word processor called WordPerfect Lightning. It comes with 200 MB of free online storage space and allows online collaboration similar to Google Docs. Learn more here . A quick demo video is available here . Download it here . News articles are here . Unfortunately, no Mac or Linux versions yet. Perhaps this is the software Google needs to buy to make their Google Docs work offline. Let's hope... (Or a better idea -- wouldn't it be great if Google bought Corel? That would be perfect. [pardon the pun])

Who Hasn't Heard of Niagara Falls?

So, I was talking on the phone to a Customer Service rep at Sandisk in California (my new 4 GB thumb drive died) and I told her my address. She asked me to spell "Niagara Falls". (!!!) I asked her if she had ever even heard of Niagara Falls. She told me "No". "You've never heard of the Honeymoon Capital of the World?". "No", she answered. Am I so conceited to think that most people in the educated world should have at least heard of Niagara Falls? What kind of a hole do these people live in?