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OS and Swap Files in Flash Memory?

What a great idea! If you move the operating system to flash memory your computer will boot up much faster. Another bonus is that flash memory is much more energy efficient than hard drives (no moving parts), so laptop batteries would last longer.   If you also move the swap file to flash memory you'll realize the same benefits -- increased speed and longer battery life.   The major obstacle to this is price. Flash memory is very expensive. One other obstacle is capacity. Flash is currently limited to about 8 GB.   See  for more details.

Kindness of Strangers -- "Biker" Strangers

I'm making a long distance motorcycle trip in the summer to a conference, and I've received offers from total strangers on a mail list I'm on to stay at their homes during my travels. The only thing I have in common with these people is that we have the same model of motorcycle. I have never met them, and in one case, I don't even know his name (only his email nickname). I am truly touched by the kindness of these people. Most people would look at them as "biker" types and assume the worst. Well, in my experience so far, the "bikers" I've met are really decent people who would do almost anything for you. I am lucky to be amongst this group of people.