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Give me a break! CBC Seven Canadian Wonders Vote is a Fraud!

Here in Niagara Falls we have been following the Seven Canadian Wonders competition at CBC rather closely. Well, the votes are now in, and Niagara Falls has a total of about 82,000 votes, which works out to about 1 vote per resident, perhaps a reasonable number. But Niagara Falls did not place first -- Sleeping Giant did -- with 177,000 votes! (Most people I talked to hadn't even heard of Sleeping Giant...) Give me a break! Does anyone really think that each of those 177,000 votes is legit? If CBC accepts this vote as "real", it is doing a real disservice to Canada and to Canadian history. This competition will be recorded on websites and in Canadian encyclopedias to be read for all eternity, and the vote is a fraud! The web page CBC designed for the votes easily allowed multiple votes to be cast, either by manually hitting the <Back> button and resubmitting the form, or by downloading a macro recorder that replays mouse strokes repeatedly (which no doubt is what