Give me a break! CBC Seven Canadian Wonders Vote is a Fraud!

Here in Niagara Falls we have been following the Seven Canadian Wonders competition at CBC rather closely.

Well, the votes are now in, and Niagara Falls has a total of about 82,000 votes, which works out to about 1 vote per resident, perhaps a reasonable number.

But Niagara Falls did not place first -- Sleeping Giant did -- with 177,000 votes! (Most people I talked to hadn't even heard of Sleeping Giant...)

Give me a break! Does anyone really think that each of those 177,000 votes is legit? If CBC accepts this vote as "real", it is doing a real disservice to Canada and to Canadian history. This competition will be recorded on websites and in Canadian encyclopedias to be read for all eternity, and the vote is a fraud! The web page CBC designed for the votes easily allowed multiple votes to be cast, either by manually hitting the <Back> button and resubmitting the form, or by downloading a macro recorder that replays mouse strokes repeatedly (which no doubt is what happened for the Sleeping Giant votes).

CBC should have recorded IP addresses and not allowed re-votes from the same IP address. That would have been much fairer, and lessened the possibility of voter fraud.

Let's hope that CBC does the right thing and looks at the results of this competition closely and realistically. Sleeping Giant is NOT a popular wonder in Canada.

See for the results on the CBC website.

*** UPDATE ***

The final results are in, and the Sleeping Giant is NOT one of the Seven Wonders!

Thank goodness CBS saw the light and did not solely base their decision on the results of the vote.


Anonymous said…
I'd have to agree here... This is NOT the way you vote. You don't see people casting multiple votes during a federal election, whats the difference if it's voting for wonders of Canada. I'm also not going to lie, i've really never even heard of the Sleep Giant. I highly doubt Thunder Bay's population is that much.

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