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Toronto Skydome Panorama

Toronto Skydome Panorama Originally uploaded by Peter Beens . I recently stitched together a panorama I had taken a few months ago of the Skydome (Air Canada Centre) in Toronto. Click on the picture for a larger view, and then check out the the interactive view and view on black.

Do Not Buy From Radioworld!

Since this is a "family-friendly" website, I won't go into the specific details of how rudely I was treated by Radioworld at the recent motorcycle show (but I will say it involved the centre guy in the blue shirt using the F word to me when I made him a very reasonable offer for a GPS). Needless to say, I will NOT be buying the $700 GPS unit I was thinking of buying from them. Instead, I will spend my money at or in the states, where I'm sure I can get a much better deal anyway. Please tell all your friends not to buy from Radioworld. Radioworld -- You owe me a public apology.