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Ontario Waterfalls

I have a real love of photography, and a favourite subject for many photographers is of course, waterfalls. To get to many waterfalls it's probably wise to have a GPS with you, both to get you to the waterfalls, and then get you safely back to your car! I've been looking for the past year or so for a GPS file that includes the local waterfalls as waypoints, but to no avail. So, I decided to create my own. This little project is on Google Maps, and can easily be converted to a GPX file to download into your GPS using the GPSVisualizer converter. At some point, I will post a link to the finished GPX file, but only after I get all the waterfalls entered. Here are the sources I've used: ...and here is the map. It's unfinished at the time, although I started with the top 10 list so the most picturesque falls are included. View Larger Map

My Motorcycle US Trip Log

This picture should stay updated with my motorcycle adventures in the US: Free, personalized travel maps at

Photo Time Capsule

It's interesting to see old photos delivered to you from your past. Photojojo has such a service, sending you photos twice a month that you had taken and posted to your flickr account a year ago. Here's my most recent time capsule: