Google Chrome Is Out!

It's amazing what Google keeps doing. A multi-threaded web browser, with each tab running as its own process makes so much sense.

Download it at

Initial Comments:

- fast! 
- no integration with Roboform, my password manager (bad) (Firefox's bookmarklets seem to work)
- integrates with Google Documents for offline editing (nice)
- no delicious integration yet (coming soon, I bet)
- no ad blocker (very bad)
- interesting home page - shows thumbnails of your popular pages. Opened by clicking the New Tab icon (intuitive I suppose, although I keep looking for a Home button). Update: You can enable the home button in options. It's disabled by default
- there is no master password for saved passwords (dumb)

Update: It's now 48 hours later and Chrome has already taken 1% of the browser share, which is more than Opera has gained in its entire life! Amazing!


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