Election Day - Do the "Right" Thing

Canadians should not react to the media hysteria when voting.

Harper, who has kept the job as prime minister for 32 months when pundits only thought he would be in power for 12, has been excellent at the helm. He has made incremental changes that have been for the betterment of the country. People are upset that he didn't "react" to the economic crisis that is going on in the states. I'm sorry, but I don't want a politician that makes decisions and acts out of emotion and false urgency. I want one that is even-tempered, intelligent, rational, and truly thinks about what is best for Canada in the long term, not what is best for his election prospects. That has been, and should continue to be, Stephen Harper and his Conservative party.

Voting for the Liberals is a vote for a man that cannot lead on his own. Without Dion's aides, he is lost.

Voting for the NDP is a wasted vote, although that would split the leftist votes and help the Conservatives come up through the middle -- so on second thought -- yes, go ahead and vote NDP if you want.

But the Conservatives have proven they are an effective government for Canada. Canada has been least hit of all the G7 countries in this financial crisis, a testament to the Conservatives' policies and actions. Do the right thing on election day -- vote Conservative.


TPage said…
Very well said!

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