Trip Out West - Part 1

The oil's changed. Preliminary dates to stay with friends are planned. I have a rough route planned in my head; now I just need to enter that in my GPS (hehe... target:Seattle, tolls okay, fastest...).

I'm a little concerned about whether my rear tire will last the entire trip, or if I should swap it out when I'm out west. I've contacted a friend in Portland to see if I can ship a tire to his house and change it there.

Today I tried to install a Vista universal throttle lock but it wouldn't work on the V-Strom. That will be a pain -- travelling over 10,000 km without some sort of a cruise control.

I also changed out the front and rear sprockets and changed the chain. I was a little concerned about the front sprocket, but when I compared it to the new one, it was probably could have easily lasted for this trip. Oh well, better safe than sorry.

I'm planning to stay with a friend on the US side tonight to avoid any border delays in the morning. I'm not sure what what my target will be tomorrow night. I figure I'll take the entire distance, divide by four, and add a bunch...


saxagogo said…
Have a safe and sound journey, Peter.


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