Trip Out West - Part 4

Today was a slower day. By the time I got the bike packed and the gas tank topped up, I wasn't on the road until 8:30.

The weather and the scenery were spectacular all day. The temperatures easily got into the 80's, maybe higher. Since I had made such good time the first few days, I decided to take it a little easier and stop and take a few more pictures. But I was quite disappointed that Montana doesn't have any "scenic lookouts" where you can legally stop on the freeway like many other states or provinces. Shame.

I stopped for the evening at St. Regis, Montana, mostly because I was feeling the effects of the heat and needed to call it a day.

My total for the day? 643 miles (>1000 km), leaving me about 6 hours (400 miles) of driving to Seattle the next day. My sons won't be home from work until past 6:00 pm, so that should give me a more leisurely day of driving.

My travels today:
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Montana, with the Rockies in the distance:
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My bike, with the Rockies in the distance:
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Unfortunately there is no Internet access at my sons' home (can they be MY kids???), so the blog entries may be on hold for awhile...


Unknown said…
I love the Rockies pic Peter.... Enjoy!!!

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