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Google Voice

I now have a Google Voice account. Unfortunately, it doesn't forward phone calls to my phones in Canada yet so I'll have to settle for its transcription and messaging service (which is pretty nice!). The following app is supposed to let you call me to leave a message, but it doesn't seem to work, at least from Canada. Feel free to give it a try.

web-based programming?

Google's recent announcement of their Google Chrome operating system and its reliance on the web has me reflecting on languages and programming environments. Has anyone done any "web-based" programming in their classrooms, where the applications were solely intended to run on the web? What languages / strategy would be best for this, for each of ICS2O, ICS3x, and ICS4x? (presumably the U stream would be different than the C stream) Which IDEs would be most suitable? I'm well aware of Actionscipt and all the good things happening with that in the classroom, but I'm thinking more along the line of Ajax or other similar languages. Can anyone suggest some good online resources to get started with this? Anyone have any tutorials of their own that they use in class?