Sharing of resources...

A friend of mine (@dougpete) recently blogged how we learn from each through twitter, and how that learning can propagate to others through our desire to share.

When I started teaching I hadn't yet been to teachers college, and knew nothing about the creation of courses of study or lesson planning. I went to the senior colleague in the department who was teaching the same subject and asked if I could see a course outline or an old exam as a reference. I'll never forget his response, which largely shaped my attitude of letting others have access to everything I create for teaching. He stated, "I had to create my resources on my own; you'll have to do the same."  I was, understandably, shocked at his response, but learned that that attitude was pretty common amongst teachers at that time.

I don't know if he still alive, but if he's not, he'd be turning in his grave if he knew about how we all generously share resources via tools like web sites, email lists, and twitter.

Not all teachers are yet converted to this "sharing" way of thinking, but it's getting much better.

p.s. Gerry, if you're still around, I want to thank you for the lesson you taught me that day!  :)


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