New Mail List for Animation Teachers

As part of the provincial training for the new Ontario Technological Education and Computer Studies curricula, I created a number of subject-based mail lists that the teachers could use to share resources, ask questions, etc. Most of the mail lists became quite popular, particularly when the the teachers went back to their school boards and encouraged others to join.

These lists are:
It also made sense to create mail lists for just the consultants of these subjects, to give them a private area where they could discuss school board-level, non-curricular issues. These lists aren't as popular as the subject-based lists, but that may be because they haven't been advertised as much.
As time went on, it became apparent in a few of the groups that some of the conversations became very specialized. It then made sense to create some new groups, just for those specializations:
The reason I'm posting this now is because the Animation Teachers mail list is brand new, and I'm hoping others can spread the word about it. What's different about it (and the Yearbook Teachers list) is that it is not closed to Ontario teachers, and we're hoping that teachers from many jurisdictions take part in it.

So spread the word! Please forward the link of this blog (or the link to the mail list home page) to anyone teaching animation that may be interested in joining. If you have a curriculum consultant in your jurisdiction, please also send this information to them so they can forward it to any interested teachers.

And for the twtterers out there, please RT any tweets you've received about this.

Thanks everyone!


Note: all the mail lists mentioned here are private mail lists. Members must be approved, and all emails to the groups are moderated to keep the lists professional and spam-free.


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