Internet Speed Tests at Home

For a few months I have the luxury of having two different internet providers at home: Bell Sympatico and Cogeco. It's only natural that I do a speed comparison, so here they are:

Bell Sympatico


The Bell package is their "Performance" offer, at $42 per month, with some deals thrown in for the first year ($5 off per month) and if you have another Bell product (I have a Bell cell phone, for another $5 off per month). The Cogeco package is the "standard" high speed, which is costing me around $48 per month, IIRC.

The green numbers above are the download speeds, in kilobits per second (kbps). Neither Bell nor Cogeco match their rated speeds, which are 6000 and 14000 kbps, respectively. Interestingly, both are just over 80% of their rating. (A little collusion in their advertising departments, perhaps?)  The red numbers are the upload speeds, with Cogeco being about 50% faster.

I have the two packages side-by-side for a few months because Bell's is free, a bonus for buying a computer from Dell. I'm not sure if I'll keep it after the trial period, first of all because it's slower than Cogeco, but also because it has a lower bit-cap per month (25 GB vs Cogeco's 60). I believe I can add another 30 GB for $5 per month (a good deal!) which makes it more lucrative, but I'm still not sure. I'll crunch the numbers after a month or so and decide.

(Bell, if you call me with an outstanding deal on a Bell Mobility & Internet & TV package, you may be able to sway me.....hint, hint.)


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