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LibreOffice Installation Process

After downloading the setup file for LibreOffice from , start the setup process by clicking "Next". Extract the setup files by clicking "Unpack". Continue with the setup process by clicking "Next". Enter your name and organization, then click "Next". Unless you have space restrictions, I'd recommend the typical installation. Click "Next" to continue. Leave the checkbox checked if you want a shortcut on the desktop, otherwise uncheck it. Click "Install" to continue. Sit back and relax while the program is being installed. Finished! Here's LibreOffice in the start menu. I quickly did a test to see that it could open some Word and Word Perfect documents, and of course, it could. What I was pleasantly surprised about was it was able to open an Acrobat file (PDF) in the Draw module and let me edit it!  It looks every bit as capable as Open Office, so I think I'll give it a sh

Fundamental Technological Concepts Assignment

In the front matter of the Technological Education curriculum, it refers to the Fundamental Technological Concepts and how they are used to inform the design of a product or service. I've just put together an assignment related to this I'd like to share, and encourage others to also share how they are teaching these concepts. My particular assignment was written with a "product" in mind, but it could easily be adapted to relate to a service. The assignment can be found here: (in Google Docs) Anyone else care to share anything they're doing to teach these concepts?