Shack on Route 62

Have you ever driven by something many times and said to yourself you must stop and take a picture of it? Yesterday was the day I finally stopped. My good camera was in the car, the weather was perfect for picture taking (when isn't it!), and I was ready to try to capture what I pictured in my mind.

Here is one of the photos I shot, shot at 0 EV (Exposure Value).

Shack on Route 62 (0 EV)

I then took four more exposures of the same scene, first underexposing at -2 EV and -1 EV, and then overexposing at +1 EV, and +2 EV. The five images were then processed in Photomatix Pro to produce the following HDR:

Shack on Route 62, North Collins, Version 1

Honestly, the additional detail of the HDR just didn't work for me. It was certainly very clear, but like many HDRs, it had a certain "painted" look that just didn't appeal to me for this scene. So after a little more experimenting, I finally decided to desaturate all the colours except blue. Here is the result, with a frame added to make it stand out better from the page:

Shack on Route 62, North Collins, Version 2

I'm pleased with it, and might even print a large version for framing at home.

What do you think?


Anonymous said…
Nice pictures, Peter. How many times do we go by those places and never really think about the photo opportunities. Nice job.

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