Hyundai - Yet Another Problem...

I’m normally a patient person, but when I sit down and actually think about the things that have gone wrong with my 2009 Hyundai Sonata, my patience starts to wear thin.

For a car that's only a bit over a year old, it:
  • had its brake rotors machined due to pitting,
  • had a headlight enclosure replaced due to condensation,
  • has had the radio turn off intermittently (no trouble found),
  • had an oil leak fixed (replaced gasket?),
  • has an exhaust noise when cold and accelerating through 2500 RPM (was told that this is normal),
  • has a bad vibration between 80-120 km/h when cold (initially scanned and and told that it was engine-related, but then when they couldn't figure out how to fix it, they blamed the problem on the tires which of course were then out of warranty), and…
…and now the heater system stops working intermittently.

Here’s a video I shot showing the heater problem:

At what point will Hyundai admit they sold me a lemon and act accordingly?


Anonymous said…
Sounds like it will confirm your decision to be a biker!

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