NimbleKit iPhone/iPod/iPad Development in the Classroom

Today's 24-hour-only Maczot offer got me interested:
"NimbleKit is the fastest way to create applications for iOS. You don't need to know Objective-C or the iOS SDK. All you need is to know how to write an HTML page with Javascript code."
NimbleKit normally sells for $99, but for today only, it's half price.

Many of you know I'm a supporter of app development in the classroom, having been one of the first high school teachers to experiment with Google's App Inventor with my students. (see my App Inventor presentation here.)

Being the cheapskate teacher I am (meaning I have a very small budget!), I contacted the folks at NimbleKit to see if I could use my license on the three Macs I have in the classroom. Here was their reply:
Hello Peter,
We all been students and understand how important to make learning material interesting and how big influence it can have, therefore we support educational organizations.
You will need to have 1 valid license and then send it to me with a prove that you are really taking part in educational process as a teacher. Then the individual license will be converted and become legal volume license.
Educational volume license allows installing and using NimbleKit on all computers of the educational organization (school, institute or university) however does not allow development of commercial applications, only free apps, developed by students can be submitted to Apple's App Store.
What you need to send for conversion:
1. Full name of the educational organization, it's address and department you plan to use NimbleKit (web-site if exists).
2. Prove that you are employed as a teacher there or taking part in teaching process.
3. Existing license to be converted into volume educational license.
Amazing! I can buy one license and install it on all computers (Macs) I have at my school.  This is, I believe, the most generous software licensing offer I have ever seen for any commercial software!

At today's Maczot price, I think I will buy two copies -- one for the school and one for myself, just in case I decide to develop something to topple Angry Birds from the top paid app pedestal.

If you are interested in taking advantage of today's half-price offer, visit If you wait until tomorrow (Monday), the offer will be gone, but you will still be able to get it for 25% off  at MacUpdate.


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