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ToonPAINT update disliked by users

Here are some recent comments reviewers provided after ToonPaint updated its iPhone app to version 2: This app WAS great until it now costs $.99 to be able to pull colors from source photo. Not pleased about that! I am certainly surprised and somewhat turned off by the fact that features which were once included with purchase, such as sampling colors from the source photo, are now an "in app purchase."  It would have been nice to keep those features available, for free, to those who purchased before the update as a courtesy. I love the ability to be able to conveniently buy apps via iTunes, but this raises the point that there is no ability to get a refund if a developer removes features and then tries to charge a fee for you to get those features back. For the record, I got ToonPaint today, while it's temporarily free, but for the customers that paid for it earlier, they've been ripped off.   @ToonPAINT , shame on you!

Who do you trust more -- Google or Facebook?

Yesterday I posted a quick survey asking the simple question: Who do you trust more -- Google or Facebook? It's certainly not a scientific survey, as it doesn't ask for any key demographics such as age or education. The results actually surprised me, as there was a much higher percentage trusting Facebook more than Google than I thought there'd be. If you'd like to add your vote to the results, please visit .