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Ken Morton, Godspeed

I'm very saddened by the news of Ken’s death, more than I would have expected for a person I only met once. I had driven my motorcycle out to Washington state from Ontario, Canada, and met Ken through a mutual friend, Ted Timmons. I remember that meeting Ken was like seeing an old friend -- it was all very relaxed and comfortable, like we had been friends for a long time. After changing my oil in Ken's garage, the three of us took the "long way" up to Mount St. Helens, a challenging and scenic ride I will never forget. I really pushed the boundaries of my riding abilities that day, but both Ken and Ted made it all look so easy. After I learned about Ken's accident, I dug into my photos from that trip, and have been thinking back to what a great time it was. As someone else had said here, Ken was one of the good ones. My condolences to Ken's family and friends.

Discontinuation of iTookThisOnMyPhone Service

I recently received the email shown below from the folks at . I believe itookthisonmyphone was one of the first services dedicated to uploading images from your smartphone, so in a way it's a significant event in smartphone photography history. Is it a sad day for users, or just a service whose time has come? When I went into my account to check if there were any pictures I wanted to download and keep, I realized I hadn't used it for years, having mostly switched to services such as twitpic , posterous , flickr , or even facebook . Is anyone out there affected by this event, or did you, like me, switch to a different service long ago? Dear iTook User: iTookThisOnMyPhone has operated our unique service for the last four years as a free service. At this time we are discontinuing the service effective immediately. You will no longer be able to post images or download the application from the various App stores to your device. You will be able to downl