Nikon V1 Coming Soon

I have to admit the upcoming Nikon V1 looks very intriguing. It has a much larger sensor than my existing quite-good Nikon P6000 point-and-shoot, so the image quality should be amazing. But what really sets it apart from a normal P&S is that the lenses are interchangeable (possibly with my existing Nikon lenses?) and there isn't a flip-mirror to restrict the time it takes to snap a picture.

Partly because it doesn't use a moving mirror like conventional DSLRs, it can shoot an an incredible 60fps (for 1/2 second), 5 fps continuously (!), and for instances where you're not sure you're capturing that "perfect moment", it has a mode where it very quickly captures 20 pictures and saves the best 5 for you to choose from. And it has a top shutter speed of 1/16,000 sec -- impressive!

It's still not out yet so I don't have details on import features (for me) such as auto-bracketing for my HDR work and battery life. But I see it takes the same battery as my existing D7000, so if it does include auto-bracketing, I just might be picking up one of these as a Christmas present for myself.

It will be interesting to see the quailiy of the images, how existing lenses will work on it, and how it could fit into my existing HDR workflow.

For more information about the Nikon V1, visit the dpreview or the Nikon website.


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