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I don’t understand why people have children (Student-submitted Podcast Script)

This was submitted by one of my students as the script for a podcast. Sadly, it's not often that I get work of this caliber and with such as strong message, so I was motivated to ask her permission to post it. I'm glad she said "yes", because it's a message worth sharing.  I don’t understand why people have children. Sure, I get the whole ‘keep the human race going’, but if you’re going to abandon or abuse your kids, why even bother? You see toddlers in restaurants crying, as toddlers do. What’s the right thing to do? Take them home. Call the waitress for the check and take the kid home for a nap. But what do we see going on? We see their parents raising their hands, or their voices; posing threats. Kids cry. Kids throw fits. Kids are kids. It’s what they do. But there is absolutely no excuse for an adult, a parent to start throwing tantrums, slamming doors, and breaking dishes. Grow up. All parents complain about their children needing to grow up. Their