Adobe, you've disappointed me...

I'm very disappointed that Adobe reneged on this deal for academic versions of their software. 

When I tried to make a purchase using the advertised promotion code I was told "Effective yesterday afternoon, we were advised by Adobe senior management to no longer accept this discount code."

As a Communications Technology teacher, I can only dream of having a lab full of computers with Photoshop CS5 on them. Then when they finally discount the software so we can afford it, they pull the rug out from under us.

The sales agent I spoke today was happy to offer me Photoshop at the standard price. Yeah, that's it, bait me with an offer that's too good to be true and then offer me something else. Adobe, just so you know, that's illegal ("bait-and-switch" - 

For other teachers (and students), give Adobe a call at 1-800-585-0774 and demand that they accept the discount code "SAVE80EDU", which, according to the attached graphic, is supposed to work until March 2. Perhaps if they get enough phone calls complaining that they shouldn't renege on their offers that they'll reverse their decision.


binghan said…
Hi Peter, let's have this discussion offline. Looking forward to chatting!

- Bing
Brad S Cook said…
Looks like we're still getting the shaft, friend. Adobe is now offering a lame consolation "coupon" that doesn't even drop the price down to Amazon's regular price. The thing that is annoying is that after the coupon code was pulled they approved it for people who made the purchase but for teachers like me who were waiting for the next paycheck (which was before the stated end date of the promotion) and even had the product and coupon code sitting in my shopping cart cannot get approved for the deal.

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