Google Blockly - A Great Way to Introduce Basic CS Concepts

@dougpete sent me a message this morning telling me about this new visual programming environment called Google Blockly, recommending I add the site to my Google A-Z reference document (which I did - thanks Doug!).

I quickly tried out the Maze demo and produced the program shown in the picture. I know it's not as efficient as it could be, but I only had a few minutes to create it. Maybe someone reading this will show me up! (assuming the maze is always the same)

The website looks like it might be a fun way to get your students to start learning computer science concepts. 

I look forward to see what kinds of projects grow out of it, and how teachers incorporate it into their classrooms. I know I'll be showing it to all my students on Monday! 

To get started yourself with Blockly, visit


Doug said…
Wow, you're steps ahead of me, Peter. I had to take the dog for a walk after sending you the link! My initial thought, to make it contemporary, was to use it as a mapping tool. i.e. draw a route from Ontario to Irvine California in July and make it to scale!

I'll be interested to see what your students think of Blockly.
Peter Beens said…
Heh, I think I'll use more conventional and established technology to draw the route to Irvine!

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