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Promoting "Eight Weeks To Web 2"

Doug Peterson, a retired teacher and friend, has has put together a series of lessons for anyone wanting to learn a bit about "web 2.0".  The lessons are:

Week 1 – Upgrade Your Web Browser
Week 2 – Get a New Email Account
Week 3  – Get a Delicious/Diigo Account
Week 4 – Get a Twitter Account
Week 5 – Read Some Blogs
Week 6 – Start Your Own Blog
Week 7 – Listen to Some Podcasts; Create Your Own
Week 8 – Exploration of Other Web 2.0 Functionality

...and are available at

Since I'm in the middle of an extended motorcycle trip that's not giving me much computer time, I must admit that I haven't gone through Doug's tutorials in detail, but from my brief overview, I'd like to make some personal recommendations:

For week 1, I highly recommend Google Chrome as the web browser to use since it can sync your bookmarks and extensions between home and school. For installation at school, use the "portable" version, and install and run it fro…