I'm Tired of the Propaganda

Teacher-bashing is back in fashion thanks to the anti-teacher, anti-union, propaganda being spread by our government and news media, so it's especially dangerous at this time to comment about anything related to teachers or education on Facebook because of the vitriol you'll potentially face after you press the "Send" button.

I have been doing my best to not get sucked into the emotion of this situation, but I think the summer cold I have has weakened my resolve to "rise above it".

It was when the local Niagara Falls Review posted a headline on Facebook about the imposed legislation with the comment "Do you think they (teachers) should be legislated back to work?" that I finally had to comment.

Following is my comment, which I have tried to write as nonconfrontationally as possible in a effort to minimize the negative reactions I'm bound to get, considering the medium.
To the Niagara Falls Review, shame on you for sensationalizing this story in your intro paragraph above. This legislation is not about teachers being legislated back to work--they ARE going back to work, regardless of the status of their contracts or the legislation. 
Parents, please do not be sucked in by headlines that are written to sell papers, or by propaganda from the government designed to buy votes. You do not need to start looking for babysitters because your children's teachers WILL be at the front of the class when school starts.
Feel free to comment below or on twitter, but remember that I'm trying to get over a cold so be gentle on me!


cyndiejacobs said…
Well said. Sadly, in this situation, divide and conquer is the name of the game. The government has divided the 'sides' and the media will conquer.

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