Python Docstring Example

From Michelle Craig's Python presentation at #CEMC12:

The part in red is a Python docstring, and the included test cases can be used to test your function, as shown below.

def is_reverse_pair(s1,s2):
    (str,str) -> bool
    >>> is_reverse_pair("abc","cba")
    >>> is_reverse_pair("abc","xxx")
    s1_new = ""
    for i in range(0,len(s1)):
        s1_new = s1_new + s1[len(s1)-i-1]
    return s1_new == s2

To test the test cases in the docstring, type the following commands in the Python shell (after you have run your program):

>>> import doctest
>>> doctest.testmod()
TestResults(failed=0, attempted=2)


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