Why did Government House Leader John Milloy retract his Tweet?

From this news article from CityTV, dated August 20:

...but if you check Mr. Milloy's twitter feed, the referenced tweet is not there:

I'd love to know the reason why the tweet was deleted. Was it originally posted as a piece of propaganda to elicit headlines, or was it a misguided "truth", based on the propaganda within the government itself? 

As I blogged earlier, I am tired of the "mistruths" from the government surrounding the current teacher contract situation. It's particularly sad for for me to state this publicly because I was an Education Officer for two years with the Ministry of Education (a very junior one...), and I loved my job and the values we stood for. But what's going on there now? How can any of the government employees associated with this be proud of what they're doing? What they're doing is not good for the students, as they like to state. They are going to destroy teacher morale, and I can't imagine even a single way that that will be good for students. 

Please, Premier McGuinty and Minister Broten, consider the tactics you are using with this legislation and understand how no good will come of it. We (teachers) are willing to be back in the classroom in the new school year without a contract, and we will take the 1.5% pay cut and cut to our sick days that have been discussed, but please allow us to finish the local bargaining with the school boards at a realistic pace so no mistakes are made.

Please. For the good of the students.


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