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My Diigo Bookmarks (posted weekly) - Incredible Mind Reader Incredible mind reader. Surprise ending. tags: digital literacy web2.0 Facebook safety security Daybook Feature The Wejr Board » Creating the Conditions: Student Discipline Creating the Conditions: Student Discipline < Sharing this at my school #BDSS tags: BDSS FAVI's $50 Streaming Stick adds apps, streaming services to any HDTV with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean -- Engadget FAVI's $50 Streaming Stick adds apps, streaming services to any HDTV < Looks like a great device! tags: CoolTech media player 201209 Favi stick Curiosity Has Found a Riverbed on Mars Cur

The Story of Al Kooper in "Like a Rolling Stone"

It was interesting to listen to Steven Van Zandt talking yesterday on Little Steven's Underground Garage about the story of how Al Kooper came to play one of the most famous organ licks in rock history. Unfortunately I don't have a recording of how Van Zandt told the story, so borrowing the story from Wikipedia will have to do: As chronicled in the 2005 Martin Scorsese documentary film, No Direction Home: Bob Dylan for the PBS American Masters Series , Kooper's most notable playing with Dylan is the organ parts on " Like a Rolling Stone ". Kooper had been invited to the session as an observer, and hoped to be allowed to sit in on guitar, his primary instrument. Kooper uncased his guitar and began tuning it. After hearing Mike Bloomfield, the hired guitarist for the sessions, warming up in the room, Kooper concluded that Bloomfield was a much better guitarist, so Kooper put his guitar aside and retreated into the control room. As the recording sessions pro

Honour Codes in the Classroom

This morning I started the Learn to Program: The Fundamentals  course at  and had to agree to the following Honour Code: In order to ensure fairness, all students participating in any of our online classes must agree to abide by the following code of conduct: I will register for only one account. My answers to homework, quizzes and exams will be my own work (except for assignments that explicitly permit collaboration). I will not make solutions to homework, quizzes or exams available to anyone else. This includes both solutions written by me, as well as any official solutions provided by the course staff. I will not engage in any other activities that will dishonestly improve my results or dishonestly improve/hurt the results of others. I've seen netiquette agreements and digital citizenship agreements before, but never something like this! I personally think it's a great idea. Is anyone using something similar to this in their classroom. Care to

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OTF/FEO - OTF Initiatives - Curriculum Forum Members tags: Ontario Subject Associations OCTE ACSE OTF Subject Associations Subject Associations in Ontario provide teachers with news and information about the curriculum related to their subject areas, links to learning resources and often offer conferences and workshops. The Subject Associations listed below are also part of the OTF Curriculum Forum and as such may also apply for OSSTF/FEESO Subject Association Grants to assist with funding activities and projects that are of benefit to OSSTF/FEESO Members. tags: Ontario Subject Associations OCTE ACSE OSSTF Health & Safety at Work: Prevention Starts Here | Ontario Ministry of Labour Ontario’s Occupational HealthandSafetyAct gives workers rights.It sets out roles for employers,supervisors and work

25 Simple Tips For A Better Twitter Experience

Some great tips for those that are new to Twitter or would like to learn: Twitter is undoubtedly THE best way to expand your professional learning network. One tip that is missing from the article is to use lists to keep your contacts organized into manageable groups. For students or staff at BDSS -- I'd be happy to demonstrate if interested. Come see me in room 3109.

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Training Teachers to Embrace Reform - Interestingly, Ontario had its own labor flare-up this week—over a proposed wage freeze and a law that could limit strikes. But coming after years of relative harmony, the response has been reasonable so far. The union urged members to temporarily stop coaching sports and limit other voluntary activities. The situation could deteriorate, but for now, the tone in Ontario is revealing. tags: education Chicago ontario bargaining contract WSJ 10 Ways to Make Your Infographic Totally Awesome | Our sarcastic tribute to those infographic designers who insist on doing it wrong…repeatedly and unashamedly. tags: infographic howto 101 DTP Desktop Publishing TGJ TGJxx Daybook Feature Curriculum | MIT App Inventor

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Those Greedy, Lazy Teachers | It's Dilovely Now here we are in Ontario, once again, dealing with a provincial government who blabs on about “putting kids first” as they scramble to lay blame for the deficit. (Ask any Ontario public school teacher – this catch-phrase is so hypocritical it makes us want to throw up.) tags: education essay blog Excellent! Ontario contract legislation 20120903 teacher What Apps should I buy for classroom iPads now there is no excuse for not being legal. "Now that the Volume Licensing Programme is available in more countries school can make sure that they have legally paid for Apps. This makes choosing Apps more interesting and a thoughtful approach can be taken and there are many options. I have put forward a set of App that might fit the bill with options between free and paid for." tags:

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Creating a Moodle Course - YouTube This video was designed during an internship for an Instructional Technologies Masters Program at San Francisco State University. I worked with Linda Hemenway, instructor in the Computer Studies department at Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) in Santa Rosa California. SRJC has just started using Moodle and I was asked to design beginning instructional tutorials to teach the basics of using Moodle for the first time. There is a script that goes with this video. tags: Moodle video youtube tutorial Why Moodle - YouTube Learn the benefits of Moodle.  tags: Moodle ACSE video youtube Free and legal music downloads - Jamendo On Jamendo artists allow anyone to download and share their music. It's free, legal and unlimited. tags: music creativecommons