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Request for Schedule F French Translation Review (Ontario Tech Ed Teachers)

(from the OCTE executive...) OCTE members and board contacts, The Ontario College of Teachers is currently searching for French language technological education teachers (specialized in the various broad-based areas) to assist with the content and conceptual review of the French language versions of Schedule F Additional Qualification (AQ) course guidelines in Technological Education. See  (Google Doc) for details.

Bug: This Google+ Photo Transfer Process Strips the Filename Extension

Hmm, I seem to have found a bug somewhere in this Google+ photo transfer process... I used the Google+ IOS app to privately upload some pictures from my iPhone to #Google+. I downloaded the album from Google+ to my laptop (PC), which does so as a zip file. When I extracted the pictures from the zip file, none of the filenames had an extension!  Thankfully I had Bulk Rename Pro, which let me easily add ".jpg" to the end of all the filenames.  Anyone else observe this?

I Need a New Wallet -- Decisions, Decisions...!

A quick search of Kickstarter showed me five alternatives for wallets: NU Lifestyle Card Holder/Wallet Machine Era Wallet The MostRad™ Minimalist Wallet (Integrated RFID Protection) Ball and Buck: A Minimalist Wallet for Real Men A Simple Wallet made from Used Bicycle Innertubes All of them have the one feature I'm looking for -- something thin that can be used in the front pocket of my jeans or the front pocket of my motorcycle jacket.  Sadly, I missed the boat on the NU Lifestyle wallet . They had a very cool aluminum RFID-blocking version that I loved the look of, although it was quite expensive at $90. The Machine Era Wallet is a simple, milled piece of an aluminum -- quite minimalist in its design and features. The Kickstarter price is $28. The MostRad Wallet  looks very capable and has integrated RFID protection. I missed the early bird pricing of $25, but the regular price is only $5 more at $30. The Ball and Buck Wallet is $48 for

CSTA Annual Conference 2013 (#CSTA13) Slideshow

My Diigo Bookmarks (posted weekly)

Audio pioneer Amar G. Bose, creator of Bose speakers, dies | The Verge RIP Dr. Bose. You will always be remembered for your contributions to the hi-fi community. tags: CS4HS App Inventor - Course tags: App Inventor MOOC acse-teachers Newark element14 | Raspberry Pi is back in stock! @DarrenMooreD22 Check out to buy a Raspberry Pi. tags: The Star Shocked by the news about Ben Levin. I'm hopeful it's not true. tags: Posted from Diigo . The rest of my favorite links are here .

Storm Clouds - Before and After

Just a little experimentation with Lightroom 5.  The top photo is the jpeg original, as automatically exposed by the camera (Nikon D7000, 17-55mm f/2.8G IF-ED lens, 0.001s, f/8, aperture-priority mode, automatic colour balance).  The bottom photo is the result of the post-processing in Lightroom, using some tips I picked up from this video . Before After