I Need a New Wallet -- Decisions, Decisions...!

A quick search of Kickstarter showed me five alternatives for wallets:

All of them have the one feature I'm looking for -- something thin that can be used in the front pocket of my jeans or the front pocket of my motorcycle jacket. 

Sadly, I missed the boat on the NU Lifestyle wallet. They had a very cool aluminum RFID-blocking version that I loved the look of, although it was quite expensive at $90.

The Machine Era Wallet is a simple, milled piece of an aluminum -- quite minimalist in its design and features. The Kickstarter price is $28.

The MostRad Wallet looks very capable and has integrated RFID protection. I missed the early bird pricing of $25, but the regular price is only $5 more at $30.

The Ball and Buck Wallet is $48 for early bird pricing ($52 afterwards) and looks very high quality, but it lacks RFID blocking which is a feature I am getting more interested in the more I learn about it.

And lastly, there is the Simple Wallet that is made from used inner tubes. It is, without a doubt, the simplest design of all of them, but for only $10, it might be worth buying just to support his efforts to divert inner tubes from landfills. 

When I started writing this it was with the intent of getting feedback from my social network to help with my decision, but by the time I finished my decision was made. 

Can you guess what I bought? :)


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