#ECOO13 Photowalk Camera Type

Fellow #ECOO13 Photowalkers!
If you haven't yet had a chance to join the flickr group we've set up for the photowalk, please do so and check out the discussion areas we've started for you. In particular, have a look at the "Night Photography Resources & Tips" and the area where you can post your test pictures before the walk.
Also, if you haven't yet filled in the pre-walk questionnaire, we'd love it if you could. We'd like to get some indication of the range of skills (and equipment) of the photographers who will be accompanying us!

>>> Please complete this questionnaire <<<
If you missed the email that was sent out earlier about the photowalk, you can view a copy of it here.
Note that we will be meeting in Salon A of the Marriott Gateway hotel at 8:15 pmWe are NOT meeting at the conference centre. Before we depart, we will start with a group picture and then some quick introductions to our photowalk captains. Please dress warmly, and remember to bring along a small flashlight for safety and to help you make adjustments to your camera, if necessary.


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