OCTE Membership Drive

On behalf of OCTE... (see below)


Welcome to a new school year. We hope you have started the new year with exceptional classes and we wish you a safe and rewarding year. 

The Ontario Council for Technology Education invites you to become a member for this 2013-2014 school year and take advantage of the benefits of being a member. Check out our website (www.octe.on.ca) for resources to help you make your life easier and utilize the shared projects on the website.
With a new school year and new budgets, now is the time to go after funding for membership and our upcoming Spring Conference (May 8-10, 2014) at the Delta Meadowvale Conference Center in Mississauga. This year's theme is "Transitions through Technology". Soon we will have the Conference program available and for the first time, you will be able to select your preference of workshops you would like to attend.
Should you have any questions regarding membership, please contact Reece Morgan, reece.morgan@hwdsb.on.ca, Membership Chair. For funding suggestions, please check out our website.

Reece Morgan
Membership Chair


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