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Canada vs USA Pricing on Motorcycle Tie-Down Straps. Hmm...

In The US - $22 I In Canada - $2400

A Bluetooth Toothbrush - Seriously?!!


Video Contest - So You Think You Know Mining?

The Ontario Mining Association, a not-for-profit organization, is hosting the 8th annual SYTYKM video contest for high school students. The contest challenges students to tell imaginative stories about the benefits of mining to society with 2- to 3-minute videos or a 15-second commercial. The contest, running from November 1, 2015 to April 4, 2016, offers $45,000 in cash and prizes to students and schools. Top videos earn from $2,500 to $5,000. Early bird entries are eligible for an additional $500. Any school that produces more than three videos can win $2,000. Teachers’ Choice Award voters are eligible for a $1,000 prize draw. The awards gala is on June 1, 2016, at the Royal Ontario Museum. For more contest information, visit .

Photo Repair - Which Do You Like Best?

A quick photo repair this morning. I'm not entirely satisfied with the final result, but I'm hoping the person I'm doing this for will still be happy. If my Photoshop skills were better I'm sure more could be done to improve it. Which do you like best? The black and white, the one with the warming filter, or the one with the cooling filter? If you'd prefer to share your feedback anonymously, a form can be found here . Before Black & White Warming Filter Cooling Filter

Upgraded Internet Service - Speed Test Comparison

I'm going to love having faster internet at home... Old (Primus - DSL) New (Start Communications - Cable) The new service is more than six times faster for downloads and an incredible 17 times faster for uploads, which should really speed on my online backup service. If anyone's interested, the new internet service is with with Start Communications ( ). I switched both my internet and phone services to them, because the price is right and I've heard great things about their customer support. If you decide to switch to them, please mention my name because they have a great  referral service that grants $25 credit per referral.

Important Notice about the #OCTE15 Conference

As you are aware, political unrest is occurring in selected Districts across the Province of Ontario. This has raised concerns by some of our members about eligibility to attend our annual conference in May. To address these concerns, the OCTE executive approached the OSSTF Provincial Office for clarification. The OSSTF response is as follows: "The strike rules committee has ruled that members who are participating in a local strike must not participate in external voluntary activities related to their employment as a teacher, which includes Subject Association activities"  - Lori Foote, Associate General Secretary, Professional Services Division Therefore, members who are in a legal strike action will not be able to attend the conference. The OCTE executive has decided not to cancel the 2015 conference. The decision was  based not only on our contractual agreement with the Hilton Mississauga/Meadowvale Hotel, but also because we are a Provincial Subject Association who i -- Is this a Google-owned site?

Can anyone confirm that is in fact a Google-owned website? Someone has submitted as an entry for my Google A-Z document  but I want to be sure it's legit first. The whois information looks good ( ) so I'm tempted to think it's okay. Comments?