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From: Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing <cemc@uwaterloo.ca>

The Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing is pleased to let you know that our courseware offerings have expanded!  In addition to the previously available resources for "Advanced Functions and Pre-Calculus" and "Calculus and Vectors" which are available at courseware.cemc.uwaterloo.ca (and receiving lots of traffic!), four sets of computer science resources have been added:
Python from Scratch: Python from scratch is a gentle introduction to programming, designed with the beginner in mind. No previous background is assumed. Each programming concept is first taught without reference to a specific programming language. Hands-on practice, using the programming language Python, helps to reinforce the concepts.
Language Independent Programming Lessons: This "course" is a collection of videos teaching basic programming concepts in a language-independent manner (also used in Python from scratch). They can serve as supplementary materials for students of just about any programming language, or as a basis for review.
Web Basics: Web basics introduces the main ideas behind the specification of a web page in HTML5 and CSS3, assuming no previous background. Explanations are interspersed with exercises and ideas for future practice.
Web Programming: Web programming presents the use of basic programming concepts as applied to web pages, using the language JavaScript. The target audience for this course is those who have mastered the basics of programming (in any programming language) and the basics of HTML and CSS.
Please share this information with your colleagues and students.  We hope that these will be useful to you in your classrooms!

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