Mark Saturday, February 27th on your calendar for the ACSE 2016 Conference!

(Guest post from Grant Hutchison)

The ACSE 2016 conference is ready for registrations.

Checkout the website with 18 different sessions across 5 different themes and plan your day.

Keynote topic this year is: Your Imagination is the Limit: Big Data is a Big Opportunity for Comp Science Students

We have a few changes for this year's event including an unconference networking opportunity midday, we are also very pleased to have a full set of CS K-8 topics so invite all teachers from K-12 to attend.

What hasn't change is the price ($90 for the day - includes lunch), the location (Seneca@York), and the high quality of the sessions and networking opportunities.

In case you need some I have compiled a list of reasons to attend....

Reasons to attend
  • Participate in your choice of 18 different sessions and learn from teachers, professors, and industry experts
  • Learn more about: 
    • coding (Python, Java, and much more)
    • robotics and hardware (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Lego EV3)
    • mobile app development
    • web app development
    • databases, Big Data, and Analytics
    • CS pedagogy, gamification and student outreach, and much much more...
  • Network and learn during the un-conference session during lunch - share your ideas on lessons, activities, and pedagogy
  • Plan new activities for this year and next
  • Win one of the door prizes!!
  • Join us for social activities at the end of the day...
Brought to you by the ACSE Conference Planning Committee.

If you have questions contact me: grant.hutchison [AT]


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